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Thursday, January 6, 2011 @ 12:17 AM
Hello everyone! As you can see, this is not a new batch. I am just updating you guys. Its Nayo here. I don't have the time to make batches... I have so much homework already! I have to write an English essay on any one of the endangered animals. I have Math to do also. And of course, I need to study for PSLE... So sorry guys. But I'll batch spam when my PSLE is over okay? Okay I tell you something that sounds seriously stupid and weird. I want to make my own prom dress for this year. Your mouths must be hanging open.... So well I have the designs in mind... And why I want to make my own is so that I can design it to be perfectly the way I want it. And those that I want are adult size. So the dresses in mind are simple... I really want to make my own. But I hope they don't screw up. Hopefully, I can wear them... If I am even allowed to make them... Well anyone knows any place in Singapore which they lend you sewing machines. I mean like they let you use it and you sit there and do it... Maybe I think by then my maid would have went back to Indonesia. If she has, then maybe I'll ask her to come back for this occasion LOL. Okay why am I talking about personal stuff? LOL. So this update is to tell you about the new button!

Press Ctrl+C or right click and 'copy' to copy it. Thanks.

So other than that... everything you know... New maker Britney... Kay thats all bye!